It regards the wonder or astonishment of DALL-E users by writing and
having an image in exchange.
Far from AI, “Blackbox” aims to foster an intuitive intelligence by
drawing and following your own ideas or beliefs.


Play more “Threads” is a praise to everybody’s journey or path. It is composed of 3 stages: instructive, performative and contemplative. The piece aims to visualize or condense the reader/player experience in a single visual entity. Just like a cat , we might have nine or more lifes . Imagine, if there is no …

Share to Heal Workshop V2

This workshop started as Maria Mencia iniciative during Viral:Imagina in 2020. The original name was Prácticas Digitales Creativas: Sanación a través de la comunidad. [ Creative digital practices: Healing trough the community ]. The aim of the workshop is to make visible — through sharing — social, personal, or collective issues/challenges which had become more …