What do AFTAs mean for African women?

Some months ago, I just stoped my Adobe bullshit account. Besides all the political staments that people can find behind this . I am just tired of Adobe and Mac. Today I dont work with one or the other .

This infographic is the first design I have done with free and open source technology as linux and gimp.

We design with our brain , hands and with our heart : I code as I draw I take pictures as I write . Sure I am not the best I am just an enought version of me

Here you can find the essay What do FTAs mean for African women? A critical look into the African Continental Free Trade Area that works as a text base for this infographic.

Thanks a lot to Both ENDS, Fernando Hernandez for inviting me to this project and to Kirikou

Kirikou est petit mais cest mon amie! .merci beuacoup Voues etre une inspiration

Continuum of Violence

Last week I did the design of this interactive diagram for the presentation of Continuum of Violence by George Weiss, who is director of the organisation Radio La Benevolencija that has developed impactful, healing projects in post-genocidal countries such as Rwanda and Burundi.
I a got a lot of fun by doing it and by reflecting, speculating in wich steap my home country stands now I guess maybe in Social Polarization , as the economic gap increasses some popular discourse have arised, those are dividing more and more to the mexican popullation

Thanks a lot to KABK and Erika Sprey for this fruitful invitation

These were some of my favorite icons .


3. Social Polarization & scapegoating: The group tends to scapegoat (blame) some other group for their life problems.They identify the other group as an enemy that is interfering with their vision of a better future.

Planning and learning

7. There are often social/cultural characteristics that facilitate continued violence. They include extreme respect for authority; a history ofvictimization and unhealed psychological wounds.  As individuals carry out acts of violence with encouragement and impunity they become convincedthat it is acceptable; learning and planning to commit further acts.


9. “Increasing persecution and violence is justified through dehumanization and demonization “(violence towards the demonized group becomes legitimate; eliminating them can become an accepted idea).

Please take a look of the whole whole interactive diagram