Instructions about how to (dis)appear completely The rest is left over

Dear friends, I feel happy to share “Instructions about how to (dis)appear completely The rest is left over”. This is a máquina poiética published by Bad Quarto : about Taper #7 – Wonders. It is such an honor to be part of this project . Specially, when I do feel that life has more questions, doubts and wonders than any fix discourse or destiny

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“Instructions about how to (dis)appear completely The rest is left over”
is a “machine of poiesis [máquina poiética]” that prints a maximum of
60 addresses on a letter sheet. Plus four basic instructions for use.

The number of arrows corresponds to the second in which the reader
operates the piece. Each arrow is selected from ten different character
patterns and randomly rotated 360 degrees.

The machine generates the poetic experience of chance.
Its design corresponds to the tension between the suggested, provoked
algorithmic chance and the erratic human factor. Time, space, and
reading are the variables for a guideline-seeking eye. This eye reads
in all directions, from bottom to top, from left to right. It
contradicts your own experience and intuition. Play to interpret. So,
it is there and now, where there is a chance to find your own poem. It
is a unique experience designed exclusively for you.

And do you think that chance can be algorithmically generated as a
destination? Imagine. What do you wonder, today?

For this edition in Taper #7, the machine takes as departure point 14
questions coming from “The Book of Questions: Questions Asked by
Children 3-5 years” by Alec Finlay (Platform Projects, 2005) and one
doubt by Vini da kid.

Thanks a lot to the Editorial Collective Taper #7, Kyle Booten, Angela Chang, Leonardo Flores, Judy Heflin and Milton Läufer, for looking forward on this maquina poeitica and for their work on this Taper issue. Many thanks to Nick Montfort for making this project possible

Please, be aware that each piece of Taper magazine includes an artist statement . You can check, copy and modify the code by clicking ctrl + u in your browser. You can check, copy and modify the code of all the pieces of Taper .

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