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Around 2004-6, I started a project named Bandito e-zine. Its was an interactive pdf where we were publishing emerging artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, performers and musicians.

The project was created by a beautiful Aussie girl, Hayley Mckee and the chaotic designer, Chango ( another me ). Both of them strangers. They know each other by exchanging email. The first contact happened when H bought a CD in Mexico city by Silencios Incomodos. The same album was illustrated by Chango. Monhs later she contacted Ch ….and Voila ! How cool is to trust in somebody u haven’t met in person?

Later I met some of the artist in person and some publishers by exchanging emails , such as Morta Griskeviciute in Vilnius, Heiko or Peter Skwiot from I still miss you . Some other PDFs were added later as Jinks the cat by Mike Hoge or The fly by Windjack solution, both, maybe the first full interactives PDFs I have seen. And much more , PDFS full of music from Berlin scene , unknown writers from south america or just artist that were publishing themselves in this strange format. Early 2000, I think it was common to find zines done as portable documents files format

Back in those days it exist a German website called pdf-mag.com This site was acting as link distributor of hundreds of PDFs from everywhere. It was showing a great selection of PDFs, focus in arts, architecture, literature and music. and time to time random stuff .
The cool point is that the site was creating by a small scene of musicians, artist and publishers from everywhere. Years later, I came back to the pdf website and it didn’t exist any more. So I want to share some of those PDFs that I still have in this collection.
I ll continue looking for more of these weird pdfs .

Please dont doubt to send me strangeand interesting pdfs

Meanwhile you can download the the collection here
PASSWORD. Hola_Hayley

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