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Around 2004-6, I started a project named Bandito e-zine. Its was an interactive pdf where we were publishing emerging artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, performers and musicians.

The project was created by a beautiful Aussie girl, Hayley Mckee and the chaotic designer, Chango ( another me ). Both of them strangers. They know each other by exchanging email. The first contact happened when H bought a CD in Mexico city by Silencios Incomodos. The same album was illustrated by Chango. Monhs later she contacted Ch ….and Voila ! How cool is to trust in somebody u haven’t met in person?

Later I met some of the artist in person and some publishers by exchanging emails , such as Morta Griskeviciute in Vilnius, Heiko or Peter Skwiot from I still miss you . Some other PDFs were added later as Jinks the cat by Mike Hoge or The fly by Windjack solution, both, maybe the first full interactives PDFs I have seen. And much more , PDFS full of music from Berlin scene , unknown writers from south america or just artist that were publishing themselves in this strange format. Early 2000, I think it was common to find zines done as portable documents files format

Back in those days it exist a German website called pdf-mag.com This site was acting as link distributor of hundreds of PDFs from everywhere. It was showing a great selection of PDFs, focus in arts, architecture, literature and music. and time to time random stuff .
The cool point is that the site was creating by a small scene of musicians, artist and publishers from everywhere. Years later, I came back to the pdf website and it didn’t exist any more. So I want to share some of those PDFs that I still have in this collection.
I ll continue looking for more of these weird pdfs .

Please dont doubt to send me strangeand interesting pdfs

Meanwhile you can download the the collection here
PASSWORD. Hola_Hayley


Bandito: fanzine  electrónico tiene  como objetivo mostrar distintos artistas emergentes alrededor del mundo, ilustradores,  artistas visuales, músicos, animadores, fotografos ect.

Editorialmente es un proyeecto que explora  la  edición como un espacio creativo ¿ que es editar ? ¿Quién edita? ¿ cómo que editamos y porqu-e  editamos ? Entre otras preguntas, en que el llamado “libro elctrónico ” ha provocado.

Proyecto realizado por  dos  desconocidos  a través de la web: la hermosa virtual  Ms  Hayley  Mckee (Autralia) y el horroroso aumenatdo Chango (México).

Bandito es un acto de amor aún no consumado .<3

Esperamos en  el fondo de nuestro corazón  animar tu virtualidad.

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