What do AFTAs mean for African women?

Some months ago, I just stoped my Adobe bullshit account. Besides all the political staments that people can find behind this . I am just tired of Adobe and Mac. Today I dont work with one or the other .

This infographic is the first design I have done with free and open source technology as linux and gimp.

We design with our brain , hands and with our heart : I code as I draw I take pictures as I write . Sure I am not the best I am just an enought version of me

Here you can find the essay What do FTAs mean for African women? A critical look into the African Continental Free Trade Area that works as a text base for this infographic.

Thanks a lot to Both ENDS, Fernando Hernandez for inviting me to this project and to Kirikou

Kirikou est petit mais cest mon amie! .merci beuacoup Voues etre une inspiration

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