Secret Sharing, A Pedagogical Tool For E-Lit Practices

I am so glad to share my this article about workshops. Cuéntanos un secreto was/is a personal project that taught me a lot, especially about the potencial of the workshop, as research methodology, a social tool for community building and as a aesthetic experience.

There is much more to say about this, but this was my first deliver on the subjet I hope soon to come back with more.

The article aims to provide a practical framework for the design and organization of workshops, based on the proceedings of the Cuéntanos un secreto (Tell us a secret) project. I focus on the activation of the sociocultural exchange of experiences; I provide two samples of pedagogical material used during the workshop taken from the works of Ulises Carrión’s and Augusto de Campos; lastly, I inquire about the workshop as a creative and collaborative tool for community building looking towards the future of society

Thanks ELO , Faro de Oriente for their support and inspiration; Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Bertrand Gervais & Sophie Marcotte for making this publication possibe.

Thanks a lot Kathi Imman Beren and Rika Colpeart for their words, back in 2018

You can download and check other fanstatic papers here

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