Dear stranger project

I have been getting tons of fun by doing this project that hopefully ends in a everyday life visual narrative of strangers and in a posible social intergration tool between unknown people

How does it works ?

I have printed 21 letters named “Solicitude to hang around”. This solicitude is given to strangers on the street based in an array of rules previously designed by a super exclusive algorithm and unconscious process

This is an example of the letter

Dear stranger project 

My name is Vinicius Marquet, I am from Mexico City. Nowadays, I am artist in residence in the digital narratives program at KASK . This Hang around solicitude aims to meet people as part of my visual communication research and social integration program.

During the next days, I would like to hang around with you and take pictures about your daily life.  I ll go wherever you invite me to go as part of your daily activities and habits. We can start as soon as you finish reading this letter. Or at any other moment ,we both agree. Your participation on this project ends, when you explicit communicate it to me "stop the session or project". Also it is possible to arrange different sessions.

It is not a coincidence you have this solicitude in your hands. Your were selected by an exclusive algorithmic and unconscious process. The result of this complex method is the list bellow. 
Surely, your unique characteristic as a stranger fit with one of the rules in the following array:

1.Anyone wearing a red scarf 
2.A being walking with a dog 
3.Some human using headphones
4.A stranger walking with a bike
5.A body showing off bare knees
6.Anybody showing bare shoulders
7.An unknown person holding an envelope. 
8.A persona wearing a mask 
9.A couple wearing the same color 
10.Somebody wearing 70s like-fashion cloths 
11.A mortal walking with the yellow sneakers 
12. One who is using blue boots 
13.An individual wearing stripes 
14.Whoever is bringing a book 
15.Some who with a white leather jacket
16.Is blue-haired smoker 
17.A biped using cowboy boots
18.Golden earring shinning around

If you accept this solicitude you will be granted with a high quality picture from Dear Stranger project and a copy of your pictures.

Thanks in advance for your attention, 
My best regards



My self,  I still don’t know the future of the project. And I am working  with a really sensitive material, the everyday life of people.  Because of this, I ll not publish any material (photo and  stories) until all letters are delivered. Then all material will be checked  to see the posible creative outputs.

There are only two rules :

  • I will not print more letters: By this, I mean that each letter is counted. Each letter is a possible story, that can end in any moment during the process.
  • I will meet people and take pictures of their life as far as they let me do it. In the moment, they don’t want to continue in the project. Their contribution is done.

Dear stranger, I am waiting for you .

Supergrass – Seen The Light

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