Language is the border

Solo existes si estas presente
Los ausentes Siempre Des existimos

I am happy to share this project published in Taper.
Taper is an online literary journal for computational poetry and literary art.
Each issue is edited by a collective.
This second issue, was curated by Sebastian Bartlett, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Angela Chang, Judy Heflin, and Rachel Paige Thompson.
A constraint was established: The core part of each poem — the HTML on the page after the header — could be no more than a tiny 2KB, 2048 ASCII characters.

Some how it was about Two,  2,  or tú

About “between_tongues_entre_lenguas”:

“Duality” or “two” implies a border between identities, a difference from the unity and a recognizable distention with the otherness. “Entre dos lenguas / Between two tongues” understands language as a unique and natural border between humans. It explores the semiotics of the word “two” coming from an array of 48 different languages, its mathematical representation as the number “2”, and the user interaction as another layer of language. As the poem advances, it mutates the structure of the sentences. The poem’s last screen shows a graphical division done as consequence of the constant interaction. Does “dos” equal “two” ? Maybe. It could be, if we present the same symbol. But it doesn’t matter if we don’t experience language between each other .
So, What happens “Entre dos lenguas” ? Maybe, it is an act of love, a willing to understand and communicate the other. Or it just dosn’t happens.
Language is the border.

This is the last version “Between_tongues_entres_lenguas”  for Taper:
Thanks Lillian and Angela for their support in this work

Single version of the work  :



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