Tell me a secret: Software Re-cover ed

Last October the 25th, I have the honor to present Cuentanos un Secreto in the Kingston University in London.  The masterclass was divided in a lecture and small workshop during a day in the campus.

For this premier londinense edition, Tell me a secret project opened secrets coming from New York City Douglas Huebler’s collection. Those stories comes from New York City, 1969. They were exhibited during the Software project exhibition at the Jewish museum in 1970. Also years later,  those secrets were printed as an artist book named Variable piece 4  published by Printted Matters in 1973. In 2017,  the same art publisher did a second edition of the book .

The book provides a glimpse into the cultural, political, and social preoccupations of the time. Futhermore,  Sofware project exhibition and Variable num 4 are piooner pieces in “New Media Art”, by crossing the fields of technology and language and combining cultural artifacts as machines with processes and data coming from  Art practices, as Conceptualism.

Now a days , this thin line curated by Jack Burnham ask for deeper analysis regarding parallelism in  Art and Technology manifestations as e-lit , creative coding, creative writing,  and so on.  (This will not be developed in this post, but I keep the eye open for future post here.)


Almost 50 years later, we explored secrets coming from this era. They might portrait one of the most vibrant generations in the recent modern human history. Some of these people were participant of the 1968 international student protests. Students from New York, London, Rome, Paris, Mexico city, Madrid, Sao Paolo, among other cities around the globe were demanding diverse civil rights as another understanding for our democratic systems.

Sadly, some of those protests end up with government repression as in Mexico, Brazil or even in Scandinavia.

Who were these people? Are they related to our every day life? Does these people were connected by internet or any other communication system? Why do these protests almost happened at the same time? How the world has changed due to this generation?


Does it exist any story in Douglas Huebler’s collection that tell us more about this generation or about the time when those events happened ?

For this edition explored narratives that can be hosted into a single HTML button. Reviewing 3 basic states of the interactive objet: link, visited, hover, and active. All buttons trigger an action

What event does it buttons triggers?
How does this states relates each other ?

All these buttons will be hosted in single website (Ofrenda) honors Douglas Huebler and the students protest of 1968.



Here you can find some pedagogic material  I have developed  for this project


Download Sofware Re-cover Presentation [PDF/32.5M]




Thanks Kingsdom University for all their attentions.

Thanks a lot to Maria Mencia
for inviting me to the
UK and sharing her time,
smiles and food during
my birthday in UK 😀



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