San José Chiapa


This is a  final  dummy for the book  San José Chiapa, Hospitalidad milenaria. The book  is written in Spanish and translated to english and german.

In brief, the book is a journey  through the history and social natural enviroment  of San Jóse Chiapa, Puebla.  Also  it is memorie of the  archelogical  zone.

Thanks to arqueologist Paris Ferrand and team for  inviting me to paticipate in this lovely project . I am so happy with the result we have done.


Photo Carlos Chiquitini y Elsa Loya
Texts: Sergio Suárez , Paris Ferrand  and Adriana Saenz
Style: Susana Santoyo .
Design and Art direction: Vinicius Marquet, Itzel Lopez




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