Utrecht, an especial mutant type of city

I have been living  in the Netherlands  for the last 3 years, mostly in Utrecht  city.  Honestly, when I was living in Mexico city, I’ve never heard about Utrecht.  I would not imagine myself living in this city.  All the world abroad talks about Amsterdam , Den Haag or Rotterdam.  ¿ Utrecht?  Yeah … there is an art store in Salt lake city, Utah with that name.

Despite my love for those international dutch cities , I am super happy to live in this constantly changing city.  In the last 3 years, it has dramatically changed and based on comments that I heard on the street:  this city it is gonna boom like a rocket

I can see it as well, in the last 3 years they have built a tremendous hub train station,  an entire complex of building in the central Utrecht : the municipality, an entertainment venue called Tivoli, a new (old) canal , the postal office, a resident complex  between the Oudegracht and the Newgracht“, the Mosque– Kebab factory that looks like a spaceship.   .  They have restructured  the bike paths and avenues among some others changes in the neighborhoods social interactions.   That surely will  shape the city for the incoming years .

Between  all those changes, a  couple of months ago,  Guido De Boer  was in charged to do this great calligraphy type, for  this new Utrecht era.   These mutants characters are coming  to link  the traditional  art of calligraphy – in which  De Boer’s brothers are gifted – with the  technological mutability features of the Open types. Endless combination and mutations.

Although the project was done by the skills of Guido’s studio, I wonder how places as “Kaapital” influenced in the project?  Just by finding a place where to join the creative community and practice your skills  It is a true shame for the Gemeente of Utrecht ( the municipality)  to stop sponsoring the project by using the adjective of “mediocre”.  It is unlogic to ask for a result when the process is as important as the conclusion.  A lot of the results  of “Kaapital” are absolutely immaterial experiences, and some other are not directly seen in the venue.  But I guess like in my hometown, Mexico  city , this is more related to cuts in culture and education,  with the change of ethical values and objective as a society.

No doubt this city is changing, confidently this type would mark this mutant era for the heart of The Netherlands.Utrecht,  tomorrow we never know,  but the question is

Utrecht,  tomorrow we never know,  but the question is
Who  are you gonna be as a city?
The time will come to meet us again.

You can see more  about the project here :

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