Notes about The city is a text

The city is a text is e-poem. ¶The city is a text is an app.¶ It is a verviocovisual text that explore another dimension of the language: the experience.¶The structure of the poem is an  spontaneous generative system. The content is disseminated around the Dutch traffic symbols and brands. The poem is the experience.

The structure of this un-finish project  is missing to provoque the immersive experience  thats was part of the intention.   As you ll see in the S-Narrative  there  are different  nodes of the structure that need to be tie  . Probably the mechanics it self might be change.  In this moment – one year later- , All has to be reviewed again .

Nevertheless  I would like to share what is done. Expecting that maybe the study can help  others  in  their own studies , ideas , etc .

I am sure  I have to change  my strategy  in order to finish this.

Thanks a lot  to Max Bruinsma  and Pietro Paressi ,
who with the advice and skills worked in this project as well.



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