Venus in Furs

IMG_1077I cannot remember the name of the  author of these pics .  I am  sorry.
For me this this is  a Venus is furs .

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Love Venus in Furs 😀





Some quotes from the Venus in Furs:

“can there be any grater cruelty for a lover than the unfaithfulness of the women he loves ? 

“we are faithful as long as we love, and the giving of herseñf without enjoyment .Who is the cruel there-women or men?- You of the north in general take love too soberly and seriously . You talk of duties where there should be only question of pleasure “54 

The more devoted a women shows herself to be, the sooner the man sober down and becomes domineering , The more cruelly she treats him and the more faithless she is, the worse she uses him, by so much the more will she increase his desire be loved worshipped by him . p57 

“In nature there is only the love of the heroic age , <when gods and goddesses loved>. at the time <desire followed the glance, enjoyment desire> .All else is factious , affected , a lie . Christianity, whose cruel emblem , the cross, has allways had for me an element of the monstrous, brought something alien and hostile into nature and its innocent instincts”  pp 74

“Christian duties; they cheat and are cheated; they always seek and choose and reject; they are never happy and never give happiness. They accuse fate instated of calmly confessing that they want to love and live as Helen and Aspasia Lived . Nature admits of no permanence  in the relation between man and woman ” pp 75

“It is only man’s egoism that wants to keep woman like some buried treasure .All endeavors to introduce permanence in love, the most changeable thing in this changeable human existence. “pp 75

.”..Shall I belong to one ma whom I dont’t love merely because I have once love him ? No, i do not renounce; I love everyone who please me and give me happiness to everyone who loves me. is that ugly… ? “pp 76

“You are cod, while you yourself fan flames. by all means wrap yourself in your despotic furs, there is no one for whom they are more appropriate , criel goddess of love and of beauty! “pp 67

“I however have no wish to live eternally”  pp75

“It isn’t any spiritual sympathy which is growing in me ; it is a physical subjection , coming on slowly , but for that reason more absolutely “80

“you interest me, most men are very common place without very poetry In you there is certain depth and capacity for enthusiasm and a deep seriousness witch delight me . I might learn to love you ” 

“How illogical” she cried “first you want to make me your wife, and then you offer yourself to me as something to toy with ” 84

“And every man – I know this very well- as soon as he falls in love becomes weak, pliable , ridiculous . He put himself into the womans hands kneels down before her. The only man whom I could love permanently would be he before whom I should have to kneel ”  



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