Ayotzinapán 43 missing students : The mexican connection …

I am  so happy that finally the flyers have arrived today !  😀

Next Saturday the 26th of September there will be performances, poetry, talks and music about the 43 students missing of Ayotzinapa in Amsterdam . ( Plus 20,000 missing more ) The venue is the gorgeous garden of Tolhuiistin. All the funds collected are aiming to invite mexican journalists, academics and artist in November this year They will speak at the first edition of The Mexican Connection about structural solutions to Mexico’s current tough challenges.
Of course this great event looks to create awareness about the critical situation that is living my Mexico . With all my shame and sadness, between the government, the narco – and something else – , are harassing, persecuting and killing my friends. 

I hope all of you, can join us talk, discuss, create, destroy a piñata (of those mother fuckers ) drink some tequila and dance

As Ruben Blades said in Desapariciones:
“¿ A dónde van los desaparecidos?
– Busca en los arboles y en los matorrales
¿Porque crees que se desaparecen ?
–Por qué no todos somos iguales.
¿Cuándo vuelve el desaparecido ?
–Cada vez que lo trae el pensamiento
¿Cómo se llama el desaparecido?
– Una emoción apretada por dentro . ”

Thanks  Erika SpreyInsha Klinkenberg and Club Interbellum for inviting me to design the poster for this fabolous initiative.


43missing students

Bijlmer-Centrum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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