El jugador y el Demonio

Demonio para el Cuento de Vicente Cortes

para Tantagora

Relativo a la ilustración:

No cabe duda que el diablo siempre nos enseña buenas lecciones.
Cuando hice esta ilustración ignoraba mi futuro  Las cortas aventuras Mixing realidades Las cortas con tijeras

Y sssazz

Siempre es divertido encontrarte ilusiones en tus sueños

No sueños por ilusiones  Ni falsas responsabilidades

Como me hubiese gustado haberte escuchado a tiempo No dejar que el tiempo eligiera

Mira muertita que pendejada !

Amputarme el dedo índice por la belleza del magnánimo suprasensual


Crochet my way

Last december , 2011 . I went to SLC  looking for somebody. I couldn’t find her.

I just found a  gelid small city whit choosy people. So  I became friend for all the homeless  at the public library. Some of them are a little crazy but not all of them… well maybe…  But … you know, people is crazy.

The point ,  I meet this guy in the Trans . He was doing crochet  with plastics bags.  I was awesome .  It was the first time in my  life  that I saw somebody crocheting with plastics bags.  – Then I realized that there are too many videos on youtube-

He was a young dreamer hippie homeless coming out from jail . We made friends  for the next weeks. He tried to teach me how to crochet ? I am really stupid with that.  I took some  pictures of his products  to upload  to his Facebook page. And well I asked him for some photocopies of him … and I loved the  machines at public library . Let me tell you that in Mexico  doesn’t  exist any place  where you can handle, use , a photocopy  machine by your self.  (perhaps there are some)  But is not common.

If somebody  see, meet , recognize this guy  in SLC or anywhere… please say him HOLA !

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