Dream exploration that use virtual reality (VR) as an agent for storytelling. Interactive experience that aims to rise the question How virtual are our dreams?  Test_270519_916pm.B_ is based in a personal dream where I was constantly awaking . And  it is inspired by The infinite dream of Pau yu by Tsao Hsue-King in “Dreams of the Red chamber”

This exploration is part of “Mapa Oniricos” (Oneiric maps), a community workshop that use UX low-fi prototype techniques and digital literacy practices in order to explore dreams.


Dear stranger project

I have been getting tons of fun by doing this project that hopefully ends in a everyday life visual narrative of strangers and in a posible social intergration tool between unknown people

How does it works ?

I have printed 21 letters named “Solicitude to hang around”. This solicitude is given to strangers on the street based in an array of rules previously designed by a super exclusive algorithm and unconscious process

This is an example of the letter

Dear stranger project 

My name is Vinicius Marquet, I am from Mexico City. Nowadays, I am artist in residence in the digital narratives program at KASK . This Hang around solicitude aims to meet people as part of my visual communication research and social integration program.

During the next days, I would like to hang around with you and take pictures about your daily life.  I ll go wherever you invite me to go as part of your daily activities and habits. We can start as soon as you finish reading this letter. Or at any other moment ,we both agree. Your participation on this project ends, when you explicit communicate it to me "stop the session or project". Also it is possible to arrange different sessions.

It is not a coincidence you have this solicitude in your hands. Your were selected by an exclusive algorithmic and unconscious process. The result of this complex method is the list bellow. 
Surely, your unique characteristic as a stranger fit with one of the rules in the following array:

1.Anyone wearing a red scarf 
2.A being walking with a dog 
3.Some human using headphones
4.A stranger walking with a bike
5.A body showing off bare knees
6.Anybody showing bare shoulders
7.An unknown person holding an envelope. 
8.A persona wearing a mask 
9.A couple wearing the same color 
10.Somebody wearing 70s like-fashion cloths 
11.A mortal walking with the yellow sneakers 
12. One who is using blue boots 
13.An individual wearing stripes 
14.Whoever is bringing a book 
15.Some who with a white leather jacket
16.Is blue-haired smoker 
17.A biped using cowboy boots
18.Golden earring shinning around

If you accept this solicitude you will be granted with a high quality picture from Dear Stranger project and a copy of your pictures.

Thanks in advance for your attention, 
My best regards



My self,  I still don’t know the future of the project. And I am working  with a really sensitive material, the everyday life of people.  Because of this, I ll not publish any material (photo and  stories) until all letters are delivered. Then all material will be checked  to see the posible creative outputs.

There are only two rules :

  • I will not print more letters: By this, I mean that each letter is counted. Each letter is a possible story, that can end in any moment during the process.
  • I will meet people and take pictures of their life as far as they let me do it. In the moment, they don’t want to continue in the project. Their contribution is done.

Dear stranger, I am waiting for you .

Supergrass – Seen The Light

House of dust | re-pin-mix-che

Otro ejercicio, esta es una máquina creada modificando valores  de House of dust (1967)  El trabajo original es de la artista visual Alison Knowles en colaboración con el programador James Tenney y una máquina Siemens 4004 .  El poema son tres series de  palabras que se enlistan aleatoriamente bajo una misma estructura o template.
El poema original fue escrito en FORTRAN IV y traspasado a Python y Js por Nick Monfort.


En un país de plastico

dentro del mar

usando los faroles del coche

habitada por presidentes genosidas. Todos presentes

En un país de vidrio

en una iglesia llena

usando la luz del arcoiris

habitada por niños y rucos

En un país de polvo

de relaciones torcidas

usando electricidad

habitada por personas disque hablando muchas lenguas distintas, vestidas o desvestidas – da igual-

En un país de popotes

debajo del agua

usando tus ojos. Cómo luz

habitada por niños y rucos

En un país de trastes rotos

sobre el oceano

usando velas

habitada por distintos pescados y aves



One must live one must die : Can our love really be replaced

I wish I had a talking book
That told me how to act and look
A talking book that contained keys
To past and present memories
A talking book that said your name
So if you were gone, you’d still remain
More than a picture on a shelf
In imagination I could touch
A talking, talking book
I wish I had a talking book
Filled with buttons you could push
Containing looks and sights, your touch
Your feel, your breath, your sounds, your sighs
How much I’d bluster to ask it why
One must live and one must die
I wish I had a talking book
By my side so I could look
And touch and feel and dream, a look
Much bigger than a talking book
A taste of loving future and past
Is that so much to really ask
In this one moment’s time and space
Can our love really be replaced
By a talking book
Can our love really be replaced
By a talking book
Can our love really be replaced
By a talking book
Can our love ever, forever be replaced
Can our love ever be replaced
Can our love ever be replaced
(Can our love really be replaced)
By a talking book
Lou Reed 


A Talking book 


Traducción  dudosa

Yo quisiera tener un libro parlante

que me diga como actuar y ver

un libro parlante que contenga las llaves

a las memorias del pasado y presente

Un libro parlante que diga tu nombre

por si te has ido, puedas quedarte

Mas que la foto en el estante 

En la imaginación yo puedo tocar

Un parlante, un libro parlante

Yo quisiera un libro parlante

lleno de botones que pudiese tocar

conteniendo apariencias, visiones, tu toque

tu sentimientos, tu respiración tu sonidos y tus visiones

Cuanto podría fanfarronear para preguntar porqué

Uno debe vivir uno debe morir

Yo quisiera tenere un libro parlante

de mi lado para poder ver

y tocar, y sentir, y soñar, una visión

mas grande que un libro parlante

el sabor del futuro amado y pasado

es eso mucho pedir realmente

en este momento del tiempo y espacio

puede nuestro amor ser reemplazado

por un libro parlante

Puede nuestro amor ser remplazado

por un libro parlante

Puede nuestro amor ser remplazado

por un libro parlante

Puede nuestro amor ser remplazado

por un libro parlante

Puede nuestro amor siempre ,ser remplazado para siempre

puede verdaderamente nuestro amor ser remplazado

por un libro parlante 




Cuneiform Tablet Babilonia | Umma, Ur III





Memory belongs to imagination: op_afspraack

For Rika
“Memory belongs to imagination”

Roland Barthles 


About the memory,  I just can’t remember exactly the day, the moment, somewhen, somehow, those events happend to me. It is dificult to me being precise.

But some how,  I can grasp the sensations around them.

So I did this Memory Mix Machine. This might look for a convinatory narrative that works as piece or clue to follow,  as a past lived event or a new uncoming memory.

This is the artfact

MMM: op_afspraack Click here 


This  memory machine is a prototype.

Please, Try it on Modzilla Othewise it might overlap its pictures



La memoria pertenece a la imaginación,

Roland Barthles 

Acerca de la memoria , yo simplemente no puedo recordar exactamente, algún momento, algún cuando o cómo  estos eventos me pasaron. Es difícil ser preciso.

Pero de alguna manera, puedo alcanzar las sensacionaes alrededor.

Por lo cual, hice esta Máquina Mezcladora de Memorias ,la cual  buscará combinaciones narrativas que funciones como piezas o pistas a seguir, como un evento vivido o un nueva memoria por venir .



La MMM es un prototipo.

Por favor  abrelo en Modzilla preferentemente .