Bucle at #ELC4

I am very honored that my work “Blucle, archivo de ficciones” is part of the Electronic literature collection Vol 4

Bucle is a hyperfiction story based on the life and work of Ulises Carrión, it is a risk taking, a digital exploration of the PDF format based on several ideas exposed by Carrión in the famous essay: “The new art of making books”. This archive of fictions emulates the twists and turns of creating a rumor, it is a digital object that is built and destroyed at the same time.
Originally, this work was published by Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico city

You can visit the ELC4 in the link bellow



The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 4 is a freely accessible, Creative Commons-licensed collection of 132 digital-born literary works from 42 author nationalities in 31 languages.

Thank you editors, Mia Zamora, Kathi Inman Berens , Lyle Skains , Rui Torres, and John Murray.

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