Encuentro con Ionesco 

 Ionesco’s images are magnetic . They capture my  eye – and probably my soul as well –  when I was passing  in front of the vitrines of  Reflex  gallery Amsterdam 

I am surprice to meet  Irina Ionesco today . I didnt know about her till today .  Actually I am realizing  about her obscure story now . When I saw her work , my  firts  thought was” the Venus and furs”

I felt like an idiot in the middle of  the gallery  when I realize I was  hot, some of her pictures turned me on. Sure it was because some of her models  that have the  porcelain beuty of the easter europenas womens . More over  it is  the constantly deep mistery that is behind of each picture, wich invites your eyes to open and see every time a bit more .  

 Her images depict women’s body as an objet that turn in all kind of simbolic elements: a raw piece of plastic head; A bunch of flowers bloomed in your belly ; The magic spell of your shapes. All natural texture of the being , the  meditation. 

i just love her work.  ja

hope u love it too


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