Tell us a secret Rutgers University Candem

Yesterday we worked with secrets



I am so happy  that this workshop was possible . It is the first time that “Cuéntanos un secreto” -Tell us a secret project-   is developed for english speakers.  Secrets coming from Netherlands and randomely distributed with students at Rutgers University-Candem in New Jersey . Most of those dutch secrets were provided by friends and colleagues through the website for the english version of the project .


Tell us a Secret-Candem  was a workshop based in two main activities :

– The lecture, “Tell me a secret, an historial sketch”  This was aiming to explore different historical example that question the tautologies of the text  and the book . What  makes a book “book”? What is  the text ? How to understand literacy practices in the networked and programable media?  . The lecture  was focused by understanding concepts and theories as “the eventualize text”  (Hayleys 2006), The New art of making books ( Carrion, 1975),  “Rebus principles”  and  Skething interaction: the bifocal display (Buxton 2007). Download presentation [here]

-The workshop: sketch for interactivity and  paper prototype.

The objective of the workshop was to encapsulate  a secret  in an “eventualized  object”. We discuss a lot  about each hidden experience. -or secrets- We did some sketches and one student did a quick prototype -working –

I hope  others students accept my invitation  to continue  with  the develop of the object by web sessions.

Thanks  a lot to  Jim Brown and Robert Emmons who did possible this wonderful experience in Candem

Hopefully, this  project will find outs its own route in “all languages ” . This is about sharing hidden experiences.



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